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Please fill out the questioneer to better help us tailor your workouts.

Background Questioneer
Estimate your amount of physical exercise the last 12 months
What is the duration of your exercises (avg)
Your current fitness levelYour current fitness level
Your current cardio levelYour current cardio level
Your current mobilityYour current mobility
How much do you enjoy exercising?How much do you enjoy exercising?
How important is competing to you?How important is competing to you?
Choose the sports you are interested in
Working hours / day (avg)
Does your work include a lot of physical work?
Have you been diagnosed with any of the following
Have you suffered any injuries (past 6 months)?
Has your doctor at any point prevented you from regular exercise?
Do you use drugs / medicine on a regular basis?
Weight lossWeight loss
Improved body compositionImproved body composition
Improved cardiovascular levelsImproved cardiovascular levels
Stress reliefStress relief
Improved muscle strengthImproved muscle strength
Improved muscle enduranceImproved muscle endurance
Bigger musclesBigger muscles
Improved mobilityImproved mobility
More energyMore energy
Improved wellbeingImproved wellbeing
How much are you ready to work to achieve your goals?How much are you ready to work to achieve your goals?
Sleep qualitySleep quality
Engergy levelEngergy level
How many meals do you eat / day?
Quality of nutritionQuality of nutrition