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Our Club is state of the art, but what really sets us apart is our team. We are proud of the group of men and women who are always ready to work with you. We are 100% committed and invested in making your time at us, a first class experience. 

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  • Available 10.1 - 31.1.2023

  • Schedule a tour at our facilities

  • Test session or consultation with a coach

  • Head Coach. Personal Training

    120 euros
  • Club Manager. Personal Training. Group Training.

    100 euros

  • Mon, Fri

    40 euros
  • This is how we ride!

    Tue, Thu

    40 euros
  • 60 min of power exercises with dumbbells and other equipment.


    40 euros
  • Body care at its best!

    Mon, Thu

    40 euros
  • X ° CRYO topical care for muscles, joints and skin.

    35 euros
  • Bodycomposition + analysis of the results

    35 euros
  • Test your strength, cardio, mobility & body composition

    150 euros

  • 80 euros
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