At Elite Athletic Club, your wellbeing is our #1 priority. From the moment you walk through the doors, you know what to expect. We have a full range of professional equipment, handpicked by our team providing cutting-edge design, biomechanics an production technology. 


Our Club is state of the art, but what really sets us apart is our team. We are proud of the group of men and women who are always ready to work with you. We are 100% committed and invested in making your time at us, a first class experience. 

Most of our clients train with a Coach on a weekly basis. This is optional, but something we strongly recommend to ensure your maximum performance. Our coaches are very experienced and the best in their field, and our training philosophy is based on proven and safe techniques. 

As our client, you get your own personalised program based on your goals. Your progress Is closely monitored and changes to your program are made whenever necessary. 

As a member, you have access to our infrared sauns, towels, cryo-treatment, meeting room recovery equipment and much more. Your own key guarantee access 365 days of the year. 



Finland's first private Sports academy has been established to offer a comprehensive range of services to Athletes, regardless of sport.


The academy has all the necessary professional skills and equipment to increase performance and return.


The latest technology guarantees the Athlete a test and monitoring system that allows us to observe that training is focused on the right qualities and that recovery and load are kept in balance.


The recovery center makes sure the athlete recovers and the injuries stay away. Our staff is carefully selected and has expertise in all areas of excellence. Welcome to our Cozy and Safe Training Center.