Our Club is state of the art, but what really sets us apart is our team. We are proud of the group of men and women who are always ready to work with you. We are 100% committed and invested in making your time at us, a first class experience. 



Our mission is to build a family  that constantly push each other to improve physically and mentally, with a goal of becoming the best version of themselves possible by improving their mobility, longevity and physical ability.

Most of our clients train with a Coach on a weekly basis. This is optional, but something we strongly recommend to ensure your maximum performance. Our coaches are very experienced and the best in their field, and our training philosophy is based on proven and safe techniques. 




Elite Athletic Club offers first-rate workout facilities, whether you're an Olympic champion or a recreational runner. With your own key, early risers can witness sunrise from our panorama view of the sea. Our facilities reflect our commitment to provide top class facilities for our members. Our 1400 m2 gym is equipped with first rate equipment, a full schedule of fitness classes, a highly skilled staff capable of assisting everyone from Olympic athletes to weekend fitness enthusiasts.