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Elite Trainers is a private Health Club, where our clients can focus on their health in a calm and motivating environment. We only take 50 members, so You never experience any rush hours and  you can access the facilities with your own key, whenever you like.


​Most of our clients train with a Personal Trainer on a weekly basis. This is optional, but something we strongly recommend to ensure your maximum performance.

Our trainers are very experienced and the best in their field. You can read more about our trainers here.

As a client at Elite Trainers, you get your own personalized program, based on your goals and starting level. Your progress is closely monitored and changes to your program are made whenever necessary. You can book sessions directly with your trainer or online. If you are not a regular client, you can still book sessions here.


​Our training philosophy is based on proven and safe techniques.

Christian has worked with a large variety of clients for 14 years and Marko has over 20 years of experience from NBA and NHL (LA LAKERS / LA KINGS) among others. They give you access to information only a few in this world can provide.​

Personal Training sessions are not only limited to our gym. Many of our clients train for marathons, triathlons etc, and naturally our trainers follow them out on the trail. We also do trainingsessions at our clients choice of place.

With our proprietary digital coaching tool, we are able to assist and support you every step of the way, wherever you are.