At Elite Athletic Club, your wellbeing is our #1 priority. From the moment you walk through the doors, you know what to expect. We have a full range of professional equipment, handpicked by our team providing cutting-edge design, biomechanics an production technology. 


Our Club is state of the art, but what really sets us apart is our team. We are proud of the group of men and women who are always ready to work with you. We are 100% committed and invested in making your time at us, a first class experience. 

Most of our clients train with a Coach on a weekly basis. This is optional, but something we strongly recommend to ensure your maximum performance. Our coaches are very experienced and the best in their field, and our training philosophy is based on proven and safe techniques. 

As our client, you get your own personalised program based on your goals. Your progress Is closely monitored and changes to your program are made whenever necessary. 

Christian Haglund​



Suomen ensimmäinen yksityinen Urheiluakatemia on perustettu tarjoamaan kokonaisvaltainen palvelukokonaisuus Urheilijalle lajista riippumatta.


Akatemiasta löytyy kaikki tarvittava ammattitaito ja välineistö niin suorituskyvyn lisäämiseen kuin palutumiseenkin. Viimeisin  teknologia takaa Urheilijalle testi- ja seurantajärjestelmän jolla pystymme tarkkailemaan että harjoittelu kohdistuu oikeisiin ominaisuuksiin ja että palautuminen ja kuormitus pysyy tasapainossa.

Palautumiskeskuksessa pidetään huolta, että urheilija palautuu ja vammat pysyvät loitolla.


Henkilökuntamme on tarkkaan valittu ja osaaminen kaikilla alansa huippua.


Tervetuloa Viihtyisään ja turvalliseen harjoittelukeskukseemme.


Marko Yrjövuori



Our wellness focused venture, situated in Helsinkis finest by the sea location, is designed to create an environment that combines fitness with exclusivity. The club offers a vast 1400sqm state of the art facility that can help members reach their full physical potential. Alongside the world-class Technogym equipment, there is also a pro-cycling team spin room, infrared sauna and personal training sessions with top trainers. If you are more interested in the holistic side of wellbeing the club also has a yoga and private Pilates room.

Whilst the focus may be on fitness, Elite Athletic Club balances our active lifestyle with high-end relaxation, offering a number of bespoke services to its members. The gym facilities may take centre stage but the club also features a casual lounge space, a private meeting room and spaceous locker rooms for winding down after a hard workout or just putting your feet up after an exhausting day.