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Everything starts with movement


I bring over 20 years of experience from Professional Sports Field. As a Wellness and Sports Medicine professional I have worked with the highest level athletes and teams in the world. 

I was member of the NHL team Los Angeles Kings medical staff (Athletic trainer and Sports Therapist 2000-2003)  and a member of the NBA team Los Angeles Lakers training staff. (Athletic trainer and head Sports Therapist (2003-2016).

I am an lecturer at the Olympic Training Center Kuortane Finland and Performance Specialist at Olympic recearch Center Kisakallio in Finland. My programs are well regonized in USA, Australia, Russia and Finland.

Several leading sports and wellness companies have used me as an advisor and consultant to test and improve their products. For example Beddit, Suunto, Myontec, Hyperice, Vertimax, Occusweep-Sports to name a few.


I am a Performance Specialist and Athletic Trainer, 

Certified Speed Coach, Certified Biomechanics Coach and a Certified strength and conditioning specialist.