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Corporate Wellness

We offer Corporate wellness solutions in the form of personal training, group training and lectures, to corporate customers in the customer's own premises. Companies and business leaders who participate in our programs get increased health and well-being for their employees, increased productivity and reduced sick leave.


Our Services

Training has become a top priority for many companies and we are proud to be able to offer on-site, virtual and distance solutions for training programs for your workplace.


Our training sessions are designed to help employees feel revived, rejuvenated and more productive. Whether you want to offer training programs before, during or after the working day, our concept proves to be as fun as it is challenging.


Exercise at work can provide immediate stress relief, relaxation and an energy boost that lasts throughout the working day. We are convinced that our specially designed company training programs can change your work environment for the better and educate your employees about the importance of taking the best possible care of themselves.


Together we can help create new friendships and transform your current work environment into a healthier atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.


Our team is ready with complete solutions tailored to your particular company. Our team is ready with complete solutions tailored to your particular company.

Stage 1

To tailor our services to your company, your goals and which path you want to go to achieve your goals, we first need to do different tests.


During stage 1, in consultation with the customer manager, you choose different test packages within health, fitness, mobility, balance & stability, strength, and diet.


The tests are also done so that you can achieve the goals in the safest, most efficient and most fun way. It is only after phase 1 that we tailor the training and treatments to the goals according to your level and ambitions.

Health tests

  • Health profile assessment

  • Health declaration and lifestyle profile

  • Body composition and posture analysis

  • Manual body composition analysis

Fitness tests

  • Submaximal cycling tests

  • Max pulse test

  • Recovery test

Mobility and movement tests

  • Basic test package

  • TE3 Mobility analysis

Strength tests

  • Strenght exercises

  • High-intensity physical tests

  • Muscle endurance

  • Functionality

Diet and Nutrition

  • Diet registration, programs and review


  • Become your own coach

  • Goals and motivation

  • Get started with your workout

  • Education in health and wellness for managers

  • Education in health and wellness for employees


Personal Training and coaching

  • Personal Training

  • Running

  • Training plan, planning and review of programs

  • Technique, quality assurance and review of exercises

  • Motivation and goals


Small group and Group training

  • High-intensity

  • Running

  • Cardio

  • Strength training

  • Mobility

  • Torso stability

Re- and Prehab

  • Immediate access

  • Rehab

  • Prehab



Dry Needling

Food and Nutrition

Diet program and review

Massage Therapy

  • Sports massage

  • Full body massage

  • Fascia mainupulation

Cryo Therapy

  • X°Cryo treatment -70°

  • Full body Cryo -140°

Staffing of services at your company

  • Personal Training

  • Physiotherapy

  • Massage therapy

  • Small Group Training

  • Group Training

  • Nutrition

  • Lectures

  • Coaching

  • Acupuncture

  • Coachning

Stage 2

At this stage, the path to your goals begins. Depending on how stage 1 has gone, what goals are to be achieved, stage 2 will be tailored to suit you as well as possible.


You will be able to take help from personal training, small group training, group training, physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, diet, lectures and staffing of our staff / services for companies.

Stage 3

Time for follow-up, evaluation, feedback and results reporting. In this last stage, the same tests will be done again as they were done in stage 1 so that we can get measurable results.


The results are presented to you in a report and to each employee as soon as possible after the latest test. Depending on your plan, these tests are done anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 months, for a longer period, snack tests are always done to see that we approach the goals as intended.


After stage 3, you can either choose to be ready or we start again in stage 1 again, but now on a whole new level!


Creating your own Gym

Our team is happy to assist you with planning your own workplace gym. Through our partners we can provide you with a turn key solution with state of the art equipment tailored to your needs. 

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